Iain Pallot Photography | Photographic Courses


  • Photography lessons for you, close to home
  • Learn to get more from your camera
  • Take better pictures and get more enjoyment from your pastime
  • Get to the best locations at the best times and get the expert guidance to achieve better results

Private lessons

Get out of AUTO mode and discover what your camera can really do. 

Private lessons can be arranged with Iain. Lessons are tailor-made to suit your needs and can be undertaken on a location of your choice within 25km of Belmont or at your home. (Lessons occurring further than 25km from Belmont will incur associated travel time costs)

Subjects may include (but are not limited to):

  • Better understanding your camera/gear
  • Better composition
  • Location based photographic techniques
  • Use of natural light for portraits, people and landscape
  • Adobe Lightroom essentials
    • Training can occur on your computer or Iain’s
  • Adobe Photoshop essentials
    • Training can occur on your computer or Iain’s

To book a  private lesson, click HERE

Costs (*per individual)

  • $85 per hour
  • $20 per 15 minutes additional travel time for lessons booked at a location outside the 25km boundary from Belmont NSW

*if a private lesson is booked for more than one person, the rate for the additional participants is 50% of the first/single person’s fees

Essential equipment

  • Each participant is expected to bring their own camera (of course!). Cameras should have memory cards and batteries (charged!) ready to go. 
    • Iain highly recommends DSLR bodies (or mirror-less equivalents)
  • Lenses specific to your needs for this workshop (Iain will advise you based on what you want to learn and what equipment you own).


Recommended additional equipment (depending on the lesson content)

  • A tripod
  • A cable release
  • Any filters/filter systems you use (if any)
  • Flash gun
  • Suitable clothing
  • Suitable torch/lighting for working in lowlight conditions


Iain is planning early morning  (sunrise) landscape sessions in small groups (max of 4 people in any one excursion). These excursions are designed to give those with a  good basic understanding of their cameras, the opportunity to better understand use of light, composition,  and techniques to get much more from their camera. These excursions will be promoted via Facebook:


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Iain will happily run excursions for private groups requiring more specific needs (shoot location and/or number of attendees for example). Please contact Iain to discuss your needs

Some excursions will have the option of attending a breakfast after the photo shoot. It requires that at least two participants in any one given group booking request the breakfast option. Breakfast is held at the gallery & grind café at Belmont. Participants can order their breakfast then sit with Iain and glean as much information from him as they like for an additional hour (or so!).

Excursion availability can be found and booked by clicking HERE


Excursions are subject to suitable conditions on the day. That is to say that should conditions deteriorate to either a dangerous level or unsuitable for the excursion to benefit participants, the excursion may be cancelled. Any monies paid in advance are refundable under such circumstances.


Photo Excursion only (Individual booking)

$60 per person with a minimum of 2 persons to ensure the excursion will occur and a maximum of 4 persons in attendance in any one excursion. Payment should be made by direct deposit in advance of the event. Details will be supplied upon receipt of the booking.

To make a group booking (I am quite happy to arrange these), please discuss this with me via email or phone 


Excursion details

Excursions will take place at sunrise unless by prior arrangement. Sessions will commence (strictly!) 45 minutes prior to the sunrise time on that day and finish up to 1hr after sunrise (some excursions will require participants to meet at an agreed location where Iain will then transport all participants to the final location which would mean an even earlier start time). At the completion of photo “taking” time, Iain will remain onsite to answer any questions you may have arising from the session for about 20 minutes.

Essential equipment

  • Each participant is expected to bring their own camera (of course!). Cameras should have memory cards and batteries (charged!) ready to go. 
  • Iain highly recommends DSLR bodies (or mirror-less equivalents)
  • The widest angle (16-35mm for example) lens you have when attending any course specific to landscape work. Zoom lenses can also be brought along as Iain usually covers the use of these in landscape workshops.
  • A tripod (for any sunrise excursion)
  • A small torch (preferable a headlamp if you have one)
  • Suitable clothing for the conditions

Recommended additional equipment

  • A tripod
  • A cable shutter release
  • Any filters/filter systems you use (if any)
  • Rock shoes for shoots located on rocky platforms of any kind.


Minimum knowledge requirements

In order to participate in any group excursion you must have the following knowledge of your own equipment (beyond turning it on and changing items like batteries and memory cards).

  • How to set your camera to aperture mode
  • How to set your camera to manual mode
  • How to manually focus your lens

Beneficial knowledge

  • How to change the camera’s light metering mode
  • How to set the shutter speed and aperture in manual mode