Iain Pallot Photography | Corporate Services

  Corporate Services


Iain's corporate services are designed to provide clients with a flexible

and responsive service offering. Photographic Services include:

  • Corporate personal/head shots
  • Media event work (such as magazine articles)
  • Specialty commissioned work (such as unique works of art, 

​          sporting events or building design interior presentation work)

  • Art work presentation


Iain has strong experience with putting together art works for

corporate and private enterprise to meet both large and small

scale premises. Art works have been designed and printed

to meet client requirements in consultation with them as follows:

- Framed
- Acrylic frames
- Wall art
- Canvas

Recent projects include a site where 50 works were displayed

after a national consultation process and included framed works,

acrylics and several pieces of wall art. The project was delivered in

a five week timeframe from initial consultation to final delivery.

All works were original Iain Pallot Photography works.


Contact Iain to discuss your needs and to garner references as required.